The Peripheral Intravenous Therapy Initiation” workshop presented is now one of the most common treatment modalities in the hospital environment and is growing rapidly in the community environment as health care provision expands beyond the hospital walls.

In the past it was the responsibility of the IV team nurses to initiate all intravenous starts but this has changed. Nurses and other health care practitioners in all areas are now responsible for initiating intravenous therapy for their clients. 


IV insertion is a challenging clinical skill that often produces anxiety for many health care professionals. The Canadian Center For Advanced Career Training recognizes the importance of intravenous therapy in health care and is dedicated to providing the health care professional with the tools required to safely and competently perform this skill. Through our training the health care professional will gain the confidence, knowledge and skills necessary to successfully practice infusion therapy.


This course will be of interest and great benefit not only to practicing nurses, student nurses, nursing assistants, and other inter professional health care providers, holistic and naturopath physicians. 

This course will be provided via home study / online for the theoretical component and will cover the following topics:


·      Introduction to Intravenous Therapy

·      Review of relevant Anatomy and Physiology

·      Fluid and Electrolyte Balance

·      Infection Control

·      Equipment Selection

·      IV Site Selection

·      Venipuncture Techniques : Insertion and Discontinuation

·      Troubleshooting IV Insertion

·      Documentation of Care

·      Complications of IV Therapy

·      IV Flow Rate Calculation







Course Curriculum